• Transport & Bursary 2015-16: application forms for returning students

    College Transport application forms and information will be posted out to students who used the college coaches this year from mid-June.

    If you had financial assistance the paperwork for this will also be in the pack. If eligible this must be completed and sent in together with the completed coach application form and all relevant photocopied documents.
    It is important that you complete and return relevant forms as soon as possible over the summer so that your ID/Bus pass will be ready on your first day back.

    Pam King
    Student Services

  • UCAS Track and Clearing

    Make sure your contact details are correct and up-to-date on UCAS TRACK so that universities can contact you on results day, 13th August.

    On results day you can use TRACK to: Check if your firm or insurance choice have accepted you Add a Clearing choice if you have not been accepted (from 5pm) (You will be able to check which universities have clearing vacancies from the evening of 12th August) Register for Adjustment if you have achieved higher grades than required Reply to a changed course offer from a university

    www.ucas.com/ucas/undergraduate/apply-and-track/results; www.ucas.com/clearing ; www.ucas.com/adjustment

    You may have received an email and registered for the new UCAS option to allow universities to contact you directly if you are in clearing. Do not rely on this! Julia Lock and Lead Tutors/Heads of School will be available on Results Day. Or email Julia at julo@henleycol.ac.uk


  • Study Skills Workshop

    Why do students go to STUDY SKILLS workshops?

    Do better in exams | Accelerated learning techniques |Speed reading |How to plan essays and assignments | Revision strategies | Get organised | Time management | Memory aids | Proof reading | Better study skills

    Where do students go to STUDY SKILLS workshops?

    Monday -Rotherfield SLC | Tuesday -Rotherfield SLC | Thursday -Deanfield D574 (in SLC) | Friday -Deanfield D574 (in SLC) all at 11.55am-12.55pm


  • Dreamspark Guide
  • Coach/Bus Departures End of Term 10 July 2015

    Please see the link below for further information on early coach departures on the last day of term.

    Information on coach departures >>

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College Values
by Jayne Davis - Wednesday, 4 March 2015, 7:54 PM

What values do you think the College should stand for?  

Integrity?  Support?  Excellence?

Let us know what you think here.